Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hang these artworks outdoors?

All my pieces use stainless steel staples to resist rust, as well as a polyurethane coating to prevent the colored cans from fading in sunlight. However currently these pieces are not made for long-term outdoor display in all weather. Hanging them in a covered porch area should be just fine. If you have ideas for how to make them completely weather-resistant, I welcome your suggestions.

How did you get the idea to do this type of art?

My sister Julie Perry is a talented artist and she was doing can art (mostly nature scenes) a while back, so she gave me some helpful tips! Currently she makes amazing fireball sculptures which you can admire here.

In addition, in 2013 I spent a couple of months in Senegal and was very inspired by all the “trash art” that I saw there. I encountered many talented artists creating all kinds of magical art from waste products. I was particularly inspired by these artists in Dakar and their creations from aluminum cans.

Are the cans sharp when you cut them up? Do the cans slice your fingers when you work with them?

Personally I never had a problem with it! It’s not as hazardous as you might think.

Where can I buy your artwork or see it in person?

If you live in or near Yancey County, you may contact me directly about purchasing my artwork and we can arrange delivery in person.

Some of my pieces are available at the Rivercross Made in USA Gallery, in Banner Elk, NC. And I am actively seeking more opportunities for selling and displaying my works. Please feel free to contact me if you have ideas for me!

I live far away and would like to buy your artwork. Can you ship it to me?

I am currently not set up to do shipping, but will update this page if that changes.